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Lab exercises

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Autores: David Griol Barres, Antonio Berlanga de Jesús, Jesús García Herrero, Juan Manuel Alonso Weber
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Practical exercise

In this guided practical exercise, we will approach the design of an Interpreter with basic resources to review the main concepts of a Recursive Descent Parser. To avoid dealing with a large and complicated grammar, we will restrict the domain to the typical arithmetic expression calculator. This way, we can obtain results with a reduced number of production rules. The practical exercise consists of four main exercises:

  1. A parser for very simple operations.
  2. A calculator for very simple operations (Parser + Semantic Routines).
  3. Inclusion of expressions with parentheses.
  4. Inclusion of operator precedence, and unary signs.
  • PR-F-001. Practical exercise (PDF)

Recommended programs

Proposed solutions

  • Exercise 1
    • PR-F-002. Exercise 1 - detailed solution (PDF)
    • PR-F-003. Exercise 1 - proposed code (PDF)
  • Exercise 2
    • PR-F-004. Exercise 2 - detailed solution (PDF)
    • PR-F-005. Exercise 2 - proposed code (PDF)
  • Exercise 3
    • PR-F-006. Exercise 3 - detailed solution (PDF)
    • PR-F-007. Exercise 3 - proposed code (PDF)
  • Exercise 4
    • PR-F-008. Exercise 4 - detailed solution (PDF)
    • PR-F-009. Exercise 4 - proposed code (PDF)
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