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Autores: David Griol Barres, Antonio Berlanga de Jesús, Jesús García Herrero, Juan Manuel Alonso Weber
En esta sección encontraremos materiales complementarios de estudio, simuladores u otras herramientas libres y descargables, conferencias, visitas a empresas, ...

JFLAP software:

  • RE-F-001. Website JFLAP open source tool (Java Formal Language and Automata Package) (JFLAP)

Scanner and Parser generators:

  • RE-F-007. Website ACCENT (A Compiler Compiler for the Entire Class of Context-Free Languages) (ACCENT)
  • RE-F-008. Website AFLEX & AYACC (AFLEX & AYACC)
  • RE-F-009. Website ALE (Attribute-Logic Engine) (ALE)
  • RE-F-010. Website AnaGram (LALR parser generator) (AnaGram)
  • RE-F-011. Website ANTLR (ANother Tool for Language Recognition, powerful parser generator for reading, processing, executing, or translating structured text or binary files) (ANTLR)
  • RE-F-012. Website Bison for Eiffel (Bison adapted for the generation of parsers using Eiffel) (Bison Eiffel)
  • RE-F-013. Website BtYacc (BackTracking Yacc) (BtYacc)
  • RE-F-014. Website BYACC (Berkeley Yacc) (BYACC)
  • RE-F-015. Website BYACC/J (extension of the Berkeley v 1.8 YACC-compatible parser generator) (BYACC/J)
  • RE-F-016. Website Cogencee (compiler generator for Delphi) (Cogencee)
  • RE-F-017. Website Coco/R (generation of recursive descent parsers and scanners from attributed grammars) (Coco/R)
  • RE-F-018. Website CUP (an LALR parser generator for Java) (CUP)
  • RE-F-019. Website Gobo Eiffel (Lex and Yacc implementations for Eiffel) (Gobo)
  • RE-F-020. Website Happy (parser generator for Haskell) (Happy)
  • RE-F-021. Website Jax (java lex compiler that generates scanners from regular expressions embedded in a skeleton java file) (Jax)
  • RE-F-022. Website Jell (parser generator that generates recursive descent parsers from LL(1) grammars) (Jell)
  • RE-F-023. Website JFlex (scanner generator for Java) (JFlex)
  • RE-F-024. Website JLex (lexical analyzer generator that can be used in combination with CUP (JLex)
  • RE-F-025. Website JTB (Java TreeBuilder, syntax tree builder to be used with the Java Compiler Compiler parser generator) (JTB)
  • RE-F-026. Website Lex (Lexical Analyzer Generator), Yacc (Yet Another Compiler-Compiler), Flex (A fast scanner generator) and Bison (YACC-compatible Parser Generator) (Lex and Yacc)
  • RE-F-027. Website LOLO (software to generate scanners that extracts symbols from a sequence of input characters belonging to the ASCII or Unicode sets) (LOLO)
  • RE-F-028. Website LLgen (generation of an efficient recursive descent parser from an ELL(1) grammar) (LLgen)
  • RE-F-029. Website Oops (object-oriented parser generator implemented in Java) (Oops)
  • RE-F-030. Website PAT (software to enable a java application or applet to compile and use perl5 regular expressions) (PAT)
  • RE-F-031. Website PCYACC (Language Development Environment that generates C, C++, Java, Delphi, and VBS source code from input Language Description Grammars) (PCYACC)
  • RE-F-032. Website Programmar (integrated suite of tools and utilities for building, testing and debugging parser) (Programmar)
  • RE-F-033. Website Quex (tool to generate lexical analyzers) (Quex)
  • RE-F-034. Website TP Lex/Yacc (Scanner and Parser Generator for Turbo Pascal) (TP Lex/Yacc)
  • RE-F-035. Website Yacc++ (O-O rewrite of Lex and Yacc) (Yacc++)

Compiler Construction Toolkits:

  • RE-F-036. Website Cocktail (Program generators for nearly all phases of a compiler) (Cocktail)
  • RE-F-037. Website Eli (programs for most of the tasks that must be carried out to implement a language) (Eli)
  • RE-F-038. Website GENTLE (tool set that aids in the construction of language recognizers and translators) (Gentle)
  • RE-F-039. Website HackingOff (set of compiler design tools to build scanners and parsers) (HackingOff)
  • RE-F-040. Website SableCC (object-oriented framework that generates compilers and interpreters in the Java programming language) (SableCC)
  • RE-F-041. Website The Compilers resources page (list with free compilers including sometimes their sources and articles on writing a compiler) (Compilers resources page)

Backend Generators:

  • RE-F-042. Website BEG (Code Generator Generator based on dynamic programming) (BEG)
  • RE-F-043. Website iburg (generation of fast tree parsers for cost-augmented tree grammars) (iburg)

Program Analysis and Optimization:

  • RE-F-044. Website Firm optimizer (optimizer based on the intermediate language Firm) (Firm Optimizer)
  • RE-F-045. Website Omega (frameworks and algorithms for the analysis and transformation of scientific programs) (Omega )
  • RE-F-046. Website PAG (program analyzer generator that supports the implementation of static program analyzers) (PAG)

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