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Exercises and projects

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Autor: Ricardo Aler
This section contains assignments to be carried out for this course.
  • EP-F-001. First assignment: Python programming for feature extraction ( PDF ).
    Simple introductory assignment for practising some Python programming inthe context of feature extraction.

  • EP-F-002. First assignment: Python notebook for the assignment ( ipynb, HTML ).
    Now the student must complete this Jupyter notebook.

  • EP-F-003. First assignment: Datasets for the assignment ( ZIP ).
    The two datasets required for this assignment.


  • EP-F-010. Second assignment, part I: Notebook for the first part of the second assignment ( ipynb, HTML ).
    The students must follow through this notebook, which is self-explanatory.

  • EP-F-011. Second assignment, part II: explanation for part II ( PDF ).
    The second part of the second assignment classifies digits using machine learning techniques in Python.

  • EP-F-012. Second assignment, part II: SEMEION dataset ( npy ).
    It contains the SEMEION dataset in npy binary format.


  • EP-F-030. Third assignment: programming with SPARK ( PDF ).
    Third assignment: programming with Spark MLib.

  • EP-F-031. Third assignment: Python notebook ( ipynb, HTML ).
    Third assignment: programming with Spark MLib.

  • EP-F-032. Third assignment: a guide to the solution ( PDF ).
    Third assignment: programming with Spark MLib.

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