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Labs exercises

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Autor: Ricardo Aler
This section includes lab exercises to be carried out by the student. It uses Jupyter notebooks that must be followed step by step.
  • PR-F-001. Intro Scikit ( PDF ).
    This document introduces the rest of the documentation in this section.

  • PR-F-002. Python Tutorial ( PDF ).
    Practical Python tutorial.

  • PR-F-003. introDecisionTrees.ipynb ( ipynb, HTM ).
    Notebook for learning scikit-learn and Decision Trees.

  • PR-F-004. decisionTreesTrainTest.ipynb ( ipynb, HTML ).
    Notebook for learning how to evaluate Decision Trees with a test set (holdout partition).

  • PR-F-005. decisionTreesHyperparameters.ipynb ( ipynb, HTML ).
    Notebook for learning how to tune Decision Tree hyperparameters with grid search.

  • PR-F-006. attribute_selection_reduced.ipynb ( ipynb, PDF ).
    Notebook for learning how to select attributes in Scikit-learn.

  • PR-F-007. mispark-kmeansComplete.ipynb ( ipynb, HTML ).
    Notebook that introduces pyspark and shows how to program K-MEANS in Spark.

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