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Course introduction

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Autores: Jesús Carretero Pérez, David Expósito Singh, José Daniel García Sánchez, Francisco Javier García Blas, Florin Isaila
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The Operating Systems are the computer systems managers and at the same time the system interface seen by the application and system programmers. They provide a virtual machine visión, hides the underlying hardware complexity, and they in constant evolution with the hardware.

The idea of this course is to provide the student with the knowledge necessary to exploit the system functionalities and to allow them to understand the basic concepts related with OS. Thus, questions such as: What is an OS? What is this for? How does it work?   Will be answered to the students in this course that will allow them to know major   OS functionalities  and the main services that they it offer, the services offered by the rest of the system and its main components and entities ( processes, memory , files, etc. ) , concurrency concepts and relationships OS with other software and hardware on your computer

To complete the view of the students, a basic idead of the internal structure of a OS will be provided, showing the relation with the rest of the software and hardware.  However, internal design is not covered in deep in this course and it is postponed for an Operating Systems Design Course.

Duration: 6 ECTS credits (3 theory and 3 for labs, autotests, and exercises).