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Laboratory Test

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Autores: Juan Estévez Tapiador, Guillermo Suárez de Tangil
Prácticas de laboratorio asociadas a la asignatura, manuales de manejo de equipamiento de laboratorio, fotos y videos del laboratorio, prácticas de campo, ...

Assignment Presentation ( pdf )

Laboratory assignments comprises three modules with a number of weekly presentations. The first one introduces important concepts and tools. The reminder two modules aim at securing a tiny social network called Fakebook.


  • LT-F-001. Access control and authentication ( pdf ). LT-F-001b. Material: John Ripper Material (rar)
    This assignment introduces current flows on password-based authentication systems and some basic concepts regarding digital signatures.
  • LT-F-002. Network Analysis ( pdf )
    This assignment introduces the student two network analysis tools, i.e. Tcpdump and Wireshark. Network analyzers can be used   to identify security problems throughout the rest of the assignments.



  • LT-F-003. Fakebook ( pdf )
    In the following modules the student will put theory into practice by targeting a web server with a social network running over it, namely Fakebook. In this assignment students are required to analyze the main security problems of the server, identify underlying risks, elaborate a business continuity plan, and implement several countermeasures.
Module II
  • LT-F-004. Weekly presentation - a ( pdf )
    Securing the server: user's administration and remote access, file-system permissions, firewall, etc.
  • LT-F-005. Weekly presentation - b ( pdf )
    Detection of cyber threats.
  • LT-F-006. Weekly presentation - c ( pdf ). LT-F-006b. Material: DoS Snort Source Code Help (zip)
    Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Denial of Service (DoS) detection.
Module III
  • LT-F-007. Weekly presentation - a ( pdf )
    Securing the web server and the database.
  • LT-F-008. Weekly presentation - b ( pdf )
    Other Web-threats.
  • LT-F-009. Weekly presentation - c ( pdf )
    Cross Site Scripting (XSS), and SQL-Injection.
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