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Autor: Simon Pickin
En esta sección encontraremos ficheros de transparencias, de audio, de video y con orientaciones que el profesor da en clase.
  • MC-F-001Course Presentation ( PDF ). A brief presentation of the course including organisation, programme, assignments, bibliography, method of assessment and motivation. One hour of lectures is dedicated to this course presentation.
  • MC-F-002Introduction to Software Engineering ( PDF ). A very brief introduction to Software Engineering: what is S.E. and why is it needed?, the software development process and the software development lifecycle, the analysis and design phases, software quality and software quality assurance, V&V (verification and validation) and testing. Three hours of lectures are dedicated to this chapter.
  • MC-F-003Introduction to UML by Example: Class, State and Sequence DiagramsPDF ). An introduction to UML2 via the study of problems from previous years' exams (caution: these examples are from a time when the UML section was a bigger proportion of the course). The exam questions cover the basic aspects of UML class diagrams, UML state diagrams – including one question concerning the joint use of these two diagram types – and UML2 sequence diagrams. The solutions are provided in class after the students have studied the problems. Three hours of class time are dedicated to this activity.
  • MC-E-001Introduction to UML by Example: Use-case Diagrams ( HTML ). An introduction to UML use-case diagrams and use-case templates via the study of a small example. One hour of lectures is dedicated to this activity.
  • MC-F-004Introduction to Component Architectures and the Java Enterprise Edition (  PDF ). A brief introduction to components, component-based development and the Java Enterprise Edition architecture. One hour of lectures is dedicated to this chapter.
  • MC-F-005The Data Tier of the Java Enterprise Edition ArchitecturePDF ). A very brief introduction to the relational model and SQL followed by an introduction to Java database connectivity using the JDBC API. Three hours of lectures are dedicated to this chapter.
  • MC-F-006The Presentation Tier of the Java Enterprise Edition ArchitecturePDF ). An introduction to building Web applications with Java servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSPs) – including JSP2, the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL) and the JSP2 Expression Language (EL) – and to the application of the Model-View-Controller pattern (MVC) in this context. Four hours of lectures are dedicated to this chapter.
  • MC-F-007. The Data Tier of the Java EE 5+ Architecture ( PDF ). An introduction to Object-relational Mapping (ORM), Java entities and the Java Persistence API (JPA).Three hours of lectures are dedicated to this chapter.
  • MC-F-008The Business Tier of the Java Enterprise Edition 5+ ArchitecturePDF ). An introduction to Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) version 3; includes a very brief comparison betwen EJB2 and EJB3. Three hours of lectures are dedicated to this chapter.
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