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Autor: Simon Pickin
Programa de la asignatura: Temas que forman parte de la asignatura.
  • Part I. Introduction
    • Software engineering
    • UML2 by example
    • Component and multi-tier architectures
    • Integration of corporate applications: the J2EE platform
  • Part II. The data tier of the Java EE architecture
    • Review of the relational model
    • SQL
    • Connecting to databases with the JDBC API
  • Part III. The presentation tier or the Java EE architecture
    • Servlets.
    • JavaServer Pages (JSP)
      • JSP 1
      • JSP 2, the JSP standard tag library (JSTL) and the JSP 2 expression language (EL)
  • Part IV. The data tier of the Java EE 5+ architecture
    • Object-relational mapping (ORM) and Java persistence solutions
    • The Java Persistence API
  • Part V. The business tier of the Java EE 5+ architecture
    • Enterprise JavaBeans version 3, in particular, EJB3 session beans
    • EJB2 vs. EJB3
  • Part VI. Web application technologies
    • Dynamic languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby, Groovy,...
    • Client-tier technologies such as AJAX, Silverlight,...
    • Extensions to, and evolutions of, the Java EE platform such as Jakarta Struts, Java Server Faces...
    • ...
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