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Module 1

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Autores: Luis Sánchez Fernández, Carlos Delgado Kloos, Vicente Luque Centeno, José Jesús García Rueda, Norberto Fernández García

 Module 1: Web accessibility


Your boss has recently arrived from a work meeting. He has been told about how Web Accessibility can greatly improve user experience. He is excited about the idea, so he asks you to introduce it as a new requirement for the Web pages you are developing. They must have the highest accessibility level as possible. Fortunately, your Blog and Wikis are still under early development and you will be able to introduce this requirement into your previous work.


The objective of this part od this module is to introduce an unexpected requirement: Web Accessibility should be considered in your Blogs and Wikis.


A recommended list of steps could be:

  1. Learn what Web Accessibility means:
  2. Review the Accessibility level of your Blog or Wiki
  3. Review the Web Accessibility functionality provided by the tools you had previulsy checked for developing blogs and wikis
  4. Reconsider the possibility of changing your chosen tool
  5. Review which accessibility features are already included in your tool
  6. Review which accessibility features are not included in your tool
  7. Figure out how you will deal with those uncovered features. Will you use a suplementary tool? Will you deal with them manually?



  • How well do current Blogs and Wikis software manage Web accessibility?
  • Can they guarantee a minimum accessibility level at least?
  • Which aspects have to be considered externally?
  • How did you manage to assert that your Web pages will cover accessibility?


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