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Module 2 Project

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Autores: Luis Sánchez Fernández, Carlos Delgado Kloos, Vicente Luque Centeno, José Jesús García Rueda, Norberto Fernández García

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Scenario Scenario

The newspaper wishes to be able to supply pills of information to its readers, so that they don't have to go explicitly to the newspaper's website. Also they want to allow the reader a greater power in the personalization of the news they want to see. Personalization, the newspaper management believes, is key to offering a good service to the costumers.

Abstract_pic Abstract

The objective of this module is to learn the new technologies that web 2.0 provides, such as feeds and podcasts, widgets and mashups, that makes the web much more social.

Deliverables_pic Deliverables

Design a web site with
  • Login for users
  • Several gadgets: at least
    • a twitter box
    • a video
    • a calendar with events
    • event announcement with information (including a map) and registration a feedback form

The final class of this module, Tuesday, 19 January 2010, will be used for a live presentation by each of the groups. All the members of each group should participate in the presentation.

Strategy_pic Strategy

  1. Study google friendconnect
    • Look at their web site
    • Watch the friendconnect video:
  2. Look at the goodies from Twitter.
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