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Module 6 Project

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Autores: Luis Sánchez Fernández, Carlos Delgado Kloos, Vicente Luque Centeno, José Jesús García Rueda, Norberto Fernández García
Project for Module 6

null Module 6: Web Evolution

null Scenario

The web is around 5000 days old. And it has changed so many things of today's life, that were not envisioned when it was invented. Our newspaper company does not want to be overwhelmed by an uncertain future. The Board of Directors of the newspaper has seen announcements like this one about Living Stories, which directly affects the newspaper business in particular. And it is also aware of other more general initiatives, like these ones, or the one about real-time or location-based search, that might have an effect on the newspaper business as well. (Apart form Google there are of course other companies doing important innovations.) The Board of Directors hires some consultants to predict what lies ahead. You are one of them.

null Abstract

The objective of this module is to learn a few of the most promising web technologies today, in order to be better prepared for the future, though they might be many other technoligies of relevance as well.

null Deliverables

Write an essay about where do you think web technology will be in 5000 days, i.e. in 2023.

  • Be provocative, imaginative, innovative, original, profound, compact
  • Write it collaboratively with Google Wave
  • No. pages = 2 x (No. members)
  • In English

You have to submit your report together with the Powerpoint (or similar) presentation. The final class of this module, Thursday, 21 January 2010, will be used for a live presentation by each of the groups. All the members of each group should participate in the presentation.

null Strategy

  1. View this video to get inspiration:
  2. Read on how to write an article. There are many useful references, here are a few of them:
  3. Think, brainstorm in your group, discuss, summarize, abstract, ...

null Questions

Complete the following table:
(Web 1.0)

Web 2.0
Semantic Web
(Web 3.0)

Web of ... documents
Description html
Access http

null Resources

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