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Autor: Elena Romera
En esta sección encontraremos ficheros pdf con orientaciones que el profesor da en clase.


  • LN-F-001. Chapter 1: FIRST ORDER DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS ( PDF ). The chapter is dedicated to the resolution of first order differential equations and their applications.

  • LN-F-002. Chapter 2: LINEAR EQUATIONS OF HIGHTER ORDER ( PDF ). We present resolution methods for linear equations of order higher than one, including cases of constant and variable coefficients.

  • LN-F-003. Chapter 3: LAPLACE TRANSFORM ( PDF ). We define this useful tool and apply it to the resolution of a very wide spectrum of equations and systems of equations.

  • LN-F-004. Chapter 4: METHOD OF SEPARATION OF VARIABLES ( PDF ). This chapter studies partial differential equations with the mentioned method. As a necessary tool we also study Fourier series.

  • LN-F-005. Chapter 5: STURM-LIOUVILLE PROBLEMS ( PDF ). Here we extend the method of separation of variables to more general cases of eigenvalue problems.

  • LN-F-006. Chapter 6: FOURIER TRANSFORM ( PDF ). We dedicate this final chapter to a very powerful mathematical tool, the Fourier transform, and to its applications to the resolution of equations.
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