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Autor: Dania Olmos
Programa de la asignatura: Temas que forman parte de la asignatura.

1. Introduction to Chemistry

1.1. Preliminary Concepts

2. States of matter

2.1. States of matter (I): Gases

2.2. States of matter (II): Solids and Liquids 

3. Atomic structure

3.1. Models atomic and electronic structure of atoms

3.2. Electron atom and the periodic table

3.3. The nucleous

4. Chemical Bonding

4.1. The chemical bond

4.2. Molecular Geometry and Bonding Theories.

4.3. Intermolecular forces. 

5. Solutions and colloids

5.1. General characteristics of solutions

5.2. Electrolyte solutions

5.3. Colloids

6. Thermochemistry and Chemical Kinetics

6.1. Chemical Thermodynamics

6.2. Chemical kinetics 

7. Chemical Equilibrium

7.1. The chemical equilibrium

7.2. Acid-base equilibria

7.3. Complex formation and solubility equilibria

7.4. Electrochemistry



Laboratory Training Program:

  • Practical session 1 : Laboratory of Chemistry and separation of a mixture of solid.
  • Practical session 2 : Chemical Kinetics. Influence of the nature and concentration of reagents and temperature on the rate of chemical reactions.
  • Practical session 3 : Titration of a polyprotic acid.
  • Practical session 4 : Electrochemistry. Electrochemical series. Effect of concentration on the potential of a cell.
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