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Environmental Engineering
Environmental impact. Treatment and management of industrial and urban effluents and waste. Environmental protection.
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Course Guide
Lecture Notes
This section includes the slides, audio and video files shown by the teacher along the lectures.
Course contents: topics developed along the course.
Self Assessment Tests
This section contains a self assessment test for each lecture file, with answers.
8 - Tertiary Treatment
Tertiary treatment in a urban wastewater treatment plant. Advanced treatments.
9 - Sludge treatment and Gas line
Sludge treatment in a urban wastewater treatment plant. Sludge digesters, thickening and gas production.
10 - Treatment of industrial waste water
Industrial pollution. Pollution preventive and palliative solutions. Clean technologies. Examples on representative cases of industrial pollution reduction.
TEST - Treatment of industrial pollution
Self assessment test on "Treatment of industrial pollution"
TEST - Tertiary treatments
Self assessment test on "Tertiary treatments"
TEST - Wastewater treatment plant. Sludge treatment
Self assessment test on "Wastewater treatment plant. Sludge treatment"