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Subjects Suggested learning time
Lecture Notes
Recommended exercises
Unit I

Fundamentals of Digital Electronics
 10 hours

MC-F-001 Information Representation (PDF)
MC-F-002 Boolean algebra & logic gates (PDF)

EP-F-001 (PDF)

Unit II

Combinational circuits
 15 hours

MC-F-003 Combinational Circuits (PDF)
MC-F-003-1 Binary arithmetics (PDF)
MC-F-003-2 Combinational arithmetic circuits (PDF)

EP-F-002 (PDF)

Unit III

Sequential circuits
 20 hours

MC-F-005 Latches & Flips-Flops (PDF)
MC-F-006 Synchronous secuential circuits (PDF)
MC-F-007 Registers & counters (PDF)

EP-F-003 (PDF)

Unit IV

Functional components and circuits
 15 hours

MC-F-008 Memories (PDF)
MC-F-009 Programmable Logic Devices (PDF)
MC-F-010 Digital Systems & Microprocessors (PDF)

EP-F-004 (PDF)

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