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Module 1:VHDL language.

24h lectures
60h study time
2h exams, tests

MC-F-001 (pdf)

MC-F-002 (pdf)

MC-F-003 ( pdf)

MC-F-004 ( pdf)

MC-F-005 (pdf)

EP-F-001 (pdf)
PR-F-001 (pdf)
PE-F-001 (pdf)
Module 2: Manufacturing of integrated circuits and physical level analysis and design.

12h lectures
23h study time

MC-E-001 ( pdf)
MC-F-006 (pdf)
MC-F-007 (pdf)
MC-F-008 (pdf)
MC-F-009 (pdf)

 EP-F-002 (pdf)
 PR-F-002 (pdf)
Module 3: Test of integrated circuits

6h lectures
10h study time

 MC-F-010 (pdf)
 EP-F-003 (pdf)
Module 4: Analysis and design of analog integrated circuits

3h lectures
7h study time
2h exams, tests

   EP-F-004 (pdf)
   PE-F-002 (pdf)
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