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Autores: Luis Entrena Arrontes, Celia López Ongil, Mario García Valderas, Enrique San Millán Heredia, Marta Portela García, Almudena Lindoso Muñoz
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All professors in this course belong to the Microelectronics Design and Applications (DMA) group of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. The main experience of this research group is in the design of digital, analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits.

Their work is backed up by a large number of projects with public and private funding, as well as publications in major international journals and conferences.

Luis Entrena Arrontes


Associate Professor

Celia López Ongil


Associate Professor

Mario García Valderas

  Associate Professor

Enrique San Millán Heredia

  Associate Professor

Marta Portela García

  PhD Assistant Professor

Almudena Lindoso Muñoz

  PhD Assistant Professor



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