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Autores: Eric Gutiérrez, Susana Patón


Units Suggested Learning Time Basic Learning Materials and Readings Exercises and Projects Laboratory sessions Evaluation Tests
Unit 1. Introduction and overview of SoCs 1 hour MR-F-011. Summary PDF.

MR-F-012. Slides (PDF).
----- ----- -----
Unit 2. Advanced CMOS device modeling 3 hours MR-F-021. Summary (PDF).

MR-F-022. Slides (PDF).
----- ----- -----
Unit 3. Analog CMOS fundamental circuits 3 hours MR-F-031. Summary (PDF).

MR-F-032. Slides (PDF).
EP-F-031. Exercises and solutions (PDF).

EP-F-032. Simulation model for exercise 1 (.asc, LTSpice).

EP-F-033. Simulation model for exercise 2 (.asc, LTSpice).

EP-F-034. Simulation model for exercise 5 (.asc, LTSpice).

EP-F-035. SPICE models for exercise 5 (.txt).
----- -----
Unit 4. Single-ended and differential amplifiers 3 hours MR-F-041. Summary (PDF).

MR-F-042. Slides (PDF).
----- ----- -----
Unit 5. Operational amplifiers (opamps) and OTAs 3 hours MR-F-051. Summary (PDF).

MR-F-052. Slides (PDF).
EP-F-041. Exercises and solutions (PDF).

EP-F-042. Simulation model for exercise 1 (.asc, LTSpice).

EP-F-043. Simulation model for exercise 2 (.asc, LTSpice).

EP-F-044. Simulation model for exercise 7-I (.asc, LTSpice).

EP-F-045. Simulation model for exercise 7-II (.asc, LTSpice).

EP-F-046. Simulation model for exercise 8 (.asc, LTSpice).

EP-F-047. Example of single-ended amplifier in 50-nm (.asc, LTSpice).

EP-F-048. Example of low-power single-ended amplifier (.asc, LTSpice).

EP-F-049. Example of CMFB circuit (.asc, LTSpice).

EP-F-050. Example of inverter configuration (.asc,LTSpice).

EP-F-051. Example of CMFB circuit in Miller architecture (.asc,LTSpice).

LB-F-011. Laboratory session I: Amplifiers (PDF).


LB-FS-011. Laboratory session I: solutions (PDF).

Unit 6. Comparators 3 hours MR-F-061. Summary (PDF).

MR-F-062. Slides (PDF).
EP-F-061. Exercises and solutions (PDF).

EP-F-062. Simulation model for exercise 1 (.asc, LTSpice).

EP-F-063. Example of comparator with hysteresis (.asc, LTSpice).

EP-F-064. SPICE model for example of comparator with hysteresis (.txt).

LB-F-012. Laboratory session II: Sigma-Delta modulation (PDF).

LB-FS-0121. Laboratory session II: models for simulation (.zip, LTSpice).

LB-FS-0122. Laboratory session II: solutions (PDF).

Unit 7. Inverter-based circuits 2 hours MR-F-071. Summary (PDF).

MR-F-072. Slides (PDF).
EP-F-071. Example of ring-oscillator (.asc, LTSpice).

LB-F-013. Laboratory session III: VCO-ADC (PDF).

LB-FS-0131. Laboratory session III: models for simulation (.asc, LTSpice).

LB-FS-0132. Laboratory session III: solutions (PDF).

Unit 8. Robust SoC design and circuit reliability 1 hour MR-F-081. Summary (PDF).

MR-F-082. Slides (PDF).
----- ----- -----
All the units included - Evaluation 2 hours ----- ----- ----- EP-F-001. Evaluation test I (PDF).

EP-FS-001. Evaluation test I - Solution (PDF).

EP-F-002. Evaluation test II (PDF).

EP-FS-002. Evaluation test II - Solution (PDF).

EP-F-003. Evaluation test III (PDF).

EP-FS-003. Evaluation test III - Solution (PDF).

EP-F-004. Evaluation design I (PDF).

EP-F-005. Evaluation test III - Template for simulation (.asc, LTSpice).
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