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Autores: Eric Gutiérrez, Susana Patón
Syllabus de la asignatura: Temas que forman parte de la asignatura.


Unit 1: Introduction and overview of System-On-Chips (SoCs)

  • Introduction and overview of SoCs
  • Scaling problems
  • State of the art SoC
  • Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) main features

Unit 2: Advanced CMOS device modeling:

  • Introduction to mixed-signal microelectronics
  • Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (MOSFET) devices
  • Features extraction
  • Transistor bandwidth (BW)
  • General tips for analog design

Unit 3: Analog CMOS fundamental circuits

  • Current sinks/sources
  • Current mirrors
  • Examples of current mirrors
  • Switches and active resistors
  • Current and voltage references

Unit 4. Single-ended and differential amplifiers

  • Single-ended amplifiers
  • Miller effect
  • Cascode amplifiers
  • Examples of single-ended amplifiers
  • Differential amplifiers

Unit 5. Operational amplifiers (opamps) and Operational Transconductance Amplifiers (OTAs)

Unit 5. Operational amplifiers (opamps) and
OTAOperational amplifiers (opamps) andOTAs
  • Basic concepts
  • Compensation techniques
  • Two-stage architecture design
  • Cascode structures
  • Symmetric CMOS OTA
  • Output stages
  • Common-Mode Feedback (CMFB) circuits
  • Examples


Laboratory session I: Amplifiers

Unit 6. Comparators

  • Basic concepts
  • Open-loop comparators
  • Hysteresis
  • Regenerative or latched comparators


Laboratory session II: Sigma-Delta modulation

Unit 7. Inverter-based circuits

  • The CMOS inverter cell
  • The ring-oscillator
  • Buffers
  • Distributed drivers
  • Digital-Phase Locked Loops (DPLLs)
  • Delay Locked Loops (DLLs)
  • Voltage-Controlled-Oscillator Analog-to-Digital Converters (VCO-ADCs)
  • Time-to-Digital Converters (TDCs)


Laboratory session III. VCO-ADC

Unit 8. Robust SoC design and circuit reliability

  • Process-Voltage-Temperature (PVT) variations
  • Voltage and frequency control in digital circuits
  • What is the effect on analog/mixed-signal circuits?

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