Course Guide


Units Suggested Learning Time Lecture Notes and Readings Exercises and Projects Laboratory Sessions Evaluation Tests
Unit 1
1 hour

LN-F-001. (PDF) Introduction

Unit 2
Pulse amplitude (linear) modulations
12 hours LN-F-002. (PDF) Linear modulations EP-F-001. (PDF) Exercises chapter 2
Unit 3
Angle modulations
6 hours LN-F-003. (PDF) Angle modulations EP-F-002. (PDF) Exercises chapter 3
Unit 4
Design of receivers in the presence of intersymbol interference (ISI)
15 hours

LN-F-004. (PDF) Receivers under ISI

EP-F-003. (PDF) Exercises chapter 4
Unit 5
Multipulse modulations
10 hours LN-F-005. (PDF) Multipulse modulations EP-F-004. (PDF) Exercises chapter 5
Unit 6
Channel coding for error prediction
12 hours LN-F-006. (PDF) Channel coding EP-F-005. (PDF) Exercises chapter 6
Lab 4 hours

LT-F-001. (PDF) Guide

LT-F-002. (ZIP) Matlab files

Evaluation 2 hours*

ET-F-001. (PDF) Exam 1

ET-F-002. (PDF) Exam 2

*: Time for exams is not included in the 60 hours account for the course

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