RR 1. Online reading. Chemistry by R.Chang (Chapters 1-4) (URL)

Description. Online readings for Unit 1 of this course with assessment tests available online.

RR 2. Online reading. Kinetic Molecular Theory. (URL)

Description. Kinetic molecular theory of gases.

RR 4. Online reading. Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table (URL)

RR 5. Online reading. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure (URL)

RR 6. Online reading. Valance Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) (URL)

Description. An Interacive Tutorial and Quizzes.

RR 7. Online reading about the entropy of a gas (URL)

RR 8. Online reading. Chemical Equilibrium (URL)

Description. Online worked examples on Chemical equilibrium.

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