JFLAP software:

1. Website JFLAP open source tool (Java Formal Language and Automata Package) (JFLAP)

2. JFLAP on-line tutorial (JFLAP tutorial) 

Content: Working with Finite Automata (JFLAP - FA), Working with Grammars (JFLAP - Grammars),  Working with Regular Expressions (JFLAP - RE), etc.

Scanner and Parser generators:

7. Website ACCENT (A Compiler Compiler for the Entire Class of Context-Free Languages) (ACCENT) (URL)


9. Website ALE (Attribute-Logic Engine) (ALE)

10. Website AnaGram (LALR parser generator) (AnaGram)

11. Website ANTLR (ANother Tool for Language Recognition, powerful parser generator for reading, processing, executing, or translating structured text or binary files) (ANTLR)

12. Website Bison for Eiffel (Bison adapted for the generation of parsers using Eiffel) (Bison Eiffel)

13. Website BtYacc (BackTracking Yacc) (BtYacc)

14. Website BYACC (Berkeley Yacc) (BYACC)

15. Website BYACC/J (extension of the Berkeley v 1.8 YACC-compatible parser generator) (BYACC/J)

16. Website Cogencee (compiler generator for Delphi) (Cogencee)

17. Website Coco/R (generation of recursive descent parsers and scanners from attributed grammars) (Coco/R)

18. Website CUP (an LALR parser generator for Java) (CUP)

19. Website Gobo Eiffel (Lex and Yacc implementations for Eiffel) (Gobo)

20. Website Happy (parser generator for Haskell) (Happy)

21. Website JFlex (scanner generator for Java) (JFlex)

22. Website JLex (lexical analyzer generator that can be used in combination with CUP (JLex)

23. Website JTB (Java TreeBuilder, syntax tree builder to be used with the Java Compiler Compiler parser generator) (JTB)

24. Website Lex (Lexical Analyzer Generator), Yacc (Yet Another Compiler-Compiler), Flex (A fast scanner generator) and Bison (YACC-compatible Parser Generator) (Lex and Yacc)

25. Website LOLO (software to generate scanners that extracts symbols from a sequence of input characters belonging to the ASCII or Unicode sets) (LOLO)

26. Website LLgen (generation of an efficient recursive descent parser from an ELL(1) grammar) (LLgen)

27. Website Oops (object-oriented parser generator implemented in Java) (Oops)

28. Website PAT (software to enable a java application or applet to compile and use perl5 regular expressions) (PAT)

29. Website PCYACC (Language Development Environment that generates C, C++, Java, Delphi, and VBS source code from input Language Description Grammars) (PCYACC)

30. Website Quex (tool to generate lexical analyzers) (Quex)

31. Website TP Lex/Yacc (Scanner and Parser Generator for Turbo Pascal) (TP Lex/Yacc)

32. Website Yacc++ (O-O rewrite of Lex and Yacc) (Yacc++)

Compiler Construction Toolkits:

33. Website Cocktail (Program generators for nearly all phases of a compiler) (Cocktail)

34. Website Eli (programs for most of the tasks that must be carried out to implement a language) (Eli)

35. Website GENTLE (tool set that aids in the construction of language recognizers and translators) (Gentle)

36. Website HackingOff (set of compiler design tools to build scanners and parsers) (HackingOff)

37. Website SableCC (object-oriented framework that generates compilers and interpreters in the Java programming language) (SableCC)

38. Website The Compilers resources page (list with free compilers including sometimes their sources and articles on writing a compiler) (Compilers resources page)

Backend Generators:

39. Website BEG (Code Generator Generator based on dynamic programming) (BEG)

40. Website iburg (generation of fast tree parsers for cost-augmented tree grammars) (iburg)

Program Analysis and Optimization:

41. Website Firm optimizer (optimizer based on the intermediate language Firm) (Firm Optimizer)

42. Website Omega (frameworks and algorithms for the analysis and transformation of scientific programs) (Omega )

43. Website PAG (program analyzer generator that supports the implementation of static program analyzers) (PAG)

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