LT 0. Assignment Presentation (PDF)

Laboratory assignments comprises three modules with a number of weekly presentations. The first one introduces important concepts and tools. The reminder two modules aim at securing a tiny social network called Fakebook.


LT 1. Access control and authentication (PDF) - LT 1.b. Material: John Ripper Material (RAR)

This assignment introduces current flows on password-based authentication systems and some basic concepts regarding digital signatures.

LT 2. Network Analysis (PDF)

This assignment introduces the student two network analysis tools, i.e. Tcpdump and Wireshark. Network analyzers can be used   to identify security problems throughout the rest of the assignments.



LT 3. Fakebook (PDF)

In the following modules the student will put theory into practice by targeting a web server with a social network running over it, namely Fakebook. In this assignment students are required to analyze the main security problems of the server, identify underlying risks, elaborate a business continuity plan, and implement several countermeasures.

Module II

LT 4. Weekly presentation - a (PDF)

Securing the server: user's administration and remote access, file-system permissions, firewall, etc.

LT 5. Weekly presentation - b (PDF)

Detection of cyber threats.

LT 6. Weekly presentation - c (PDF) - LT 6.b. Material: DoS Snort Source Code Help (ZIP)

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Denial of Service (DoS) detection.

Module III

LT 7. Weekly presentation - a (PDF)

Securing the web server and the database.

LT 8. Weekly presentation - b (PDF)

Other Web-threats.

LT 9. Weekly presentation - c (PDF)

Cross Site Scripting (XSS), and SQL-Injection.

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