Recommended books for module 1.

1. Smith, D.J. "HDL chip design", Doone, 1997.

2. Ott, D. E. Wilderotter, T.J., “A designer’s guide to VHDL synthesis”, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1994.

Recommended books for modules 2 and 4.

3. Rabaey, J. M.Chandrakasan, A., Dikolic, B., “Circuitos Integrados Digitales”, Pearson/Preantice Hall, 2004.

4.  Weste, N., Eshraghian, K. "Principles of CMOS design. A systems perspective",. Addison-Wesley, 1985.

Recommended books for module 3.

5. Abramovici, M., Breuer, M.A., Friedman, A.D. "Digital system testing and testable design", Computer Science Press, 1990.

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