RR 1. Programming Style Guide (PDF)

Brief guide including recommendations to create clear and readable C programs.

RR 2. Notes on C development for Mac OS users (PDF)

Tool installation guide for C programmers using Mac OS X.

RR 3. Introduction to C programming with Dev-C++ IDE (PDF)

First steps in C with Dev-C++, tutorial.

RR 4. A. Goel. Computer Fundamentals. Pearson Education India, 2010.

RR 5. D. Malan. Understanding computers and the Internet. Harvard University course 2010, lecture 1 (YouTube).

RR 6. A. Mittal. Programming in C: a practical approach. Pearson Education India, 2010.

RR 7. E. Grimson. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming. MIT course 2010, lecture 1 (YouTube).

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