PR 1. Intro Scikit (PDF)

This document introduces the rest of the documentation in this section.

PR 2. Python Tutorial (PDF)

Practical Python tutorial.

PR 3. IntroDecisionTrees.ipynb (ipynb, HTML)

Notebook for learning scikit-learn and Decision Trees.

PR 4. DecisionTreesTrainTest.ipynb (ipynb, HTML)

Notebook for learning how to evaluate Decision Trees with a test set (holdout partition).

PR 5. DecisionTreesHyperparameters.ipynb (ipynb, HTML)

Notebook for learning how to tune Decision Tree hyperparameters with grid search.

PR 6. Attribute_selection_reduced.ipynb (ipynb, PDF)

Notebook for learning how to select attributes in Scikit-learn.

PR 7. Mispark-kmeansComplete.ipynb (ipynb, HTML)

Notebook that introduces pyspark and shows how to program K-MEANS in Spark.

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