PART 1: Introduction to cryptography and fundamentals

This part provides an introduction to basic concepts of cryptography, as well as to the main mathematical foundations on which it is based. The study of the methods used until the middle of the 20th century (classical cryptography) allows to learn in a simplified way the fundamentals of current cryptographic methods.

1.0. Part 1 Learning guide (PDF).

1.1. Module 1. Mathematical fundamentals of cryptography:

PART 2: Mechanisms to achieve message confidentiality
In this part, main mechanisms that provide message confidentiality are studied, considering both secret key and public key cryptosystems, as well as the basic concepts and methods of key distribution and management.

PART 3: Mechanisms to achieve message integrity and authentication

This part covers in detail main mechanisms that provide message integrity and authentication, as well as the basic concepts and methods to authenticate public key owners and other key attributes.

PART 4: User authentication mechanisms

Finally, this part presents the fundamental concepts of user authentication and the main  mechanisms that provide this property.

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