2.1. Organic Chemistry: Introduction
Introduction to Organic Chemistry: Nomenclature, Functional Groups. Molecular Structure and Intermolecular Forces. Main Organic Reactions.

2.2. Stereochemistry

Isomerism and Stereoisomerism: Properties of Stereoisomers. Configuration and Conformation of Cyclic Molecules.

2.3. Hydrocarbon Compounds: Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes, and Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Alkanes and Cycloalkanes: Properties and Reactivity. Unsaturated Hydrocarbons: Alkenes and Alkynes. Delocalised pi Bond. Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Addition Reactions and Stability. Aromatic Electrophilic Substitution. Derivatives of Benzene.

2.4. Organic Compounds with other functionalities: Alcohols, Phenols, Ethers, Aldehydes, Ketones, Carboxylic acids, and Amines

Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers: Physical Properties. Synthesis and Reactivity. Carbonyl Compounds: Aldehydes and Ketones. Resonance, Oxidation, and Reduction. Nucleophilic Addition Reactions. Carboxylic Acids: Structure and Properties. Salts of Carboxylic Acids. Acidity of Carboxylic Acids. Synthesis and Reactivity. Functional Derivatives of Carboxylic Acids: Acid Chlorides, Acid Anhydrides, Amides, and Esters. Amines: Characteristics and Structure. Acid-base Properties. Synthesis and Reactivity.

2.5. Structural Determination: NMR and IR

Structural Determination: 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, and IR.

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