PART 1: Introduction to cryptography and fundamentals

Next, exercises related to modules 1 and 4 of this course and their solutions are presented. Module 1 exercises allow students to practice mathematical skills that will be needed to solve the exercises of next modules.  In module 4 exercises, students will practice simple encryption and decryption techniques using classical cryptographic algorithms. Modules 2 and 3 do not have exercises associated as they are mostly theoretical.

PART 2: Mechanisms to achieve message confidentiality

Next, a set of exercises with their solutions will allow students to practice with the numerical and algorithmic methods used in current cryptosystems.

PART 3: Mechanisms to achieve message integrity and authentication

Next is a set of exercises, and their solutions, that will allow the student to practice the numerical and algorithmic methods contemplated in the current message authentication mechanisms. Note that there are not specific exercises for modules 9 and 10, which address hash functions and message authentication codes. The reason is that the numerical methods of these mechanisms are discussed with less detail. Even so, exercises of modules 11 and 12 usually include simplifications of these type of mechanisms.

PART 4: User authentication mechanisms

Module 13 does not have any related exercise, as it is studied in less detail than previous ones. User authentication methods addressed in this module combined algorithms and techniques studied in previous modules of this course.

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