1. Fundamentals of Microprocessor Based Digital System (MbDS)  (PDF)

Description 1. These slides describe the course objectives and the tools we want you to end up mastering.

2. Architecture of a Microprocessor Based Digital System (MbDS) (PDF)

Description 2. Here, a Basic introduction to microprocessor building blocks is provided.

3. The PIC 18F Architecture (PDF)

Description 3. Presents the internal architecture of a microcontroller, datapath and memories.

4. Assembler Programming (PDF)

Description 4. The instruction set and Basic programming tips are given.

5. Starters Kit (PDF)

Description 5. This lecture aims to start students in developing their own assembly program development.

6. C programming language (PDF)

Description 6. An introduction to C language.

7. Fundamentals of I/O (PDF)

Description 7. The lecture introduces the general model of an interface peripheral, and the IO synchronization methods.

8. Basic I/O Peripherals: Ports & Timers (PDF)

Description 8. Lecture introducing the parallel ports and Basic timing functions.

9. Advanced Timer Functions (Capture / Compare / PWM) (PDF)

Description 9. Lecture to introduce Capture, Compare and PWM timing functions.

10. The Analog Converter (PDF)

Description 10. The basics on Analog to Digital conversion are covered.

11. Serial Communications: USART (PDF)

Description 11. This lecture presents the basics of Asynchronous serial communications, including RS232.

12. Serial Communications: SPI (PDF)

Description 12. This lecture presents the basics of Synchronous serial communications (SPI & I2C).

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